Lie down on the bed, I climb on them.


After dinner, he was watching TV. I washed the containers. The older sister did not appear. I asked. He said, 'Where are you?' I smiled. Look at me, look at me. I picked a little bazaar. I, the number's not like ... You said go and sleep. Then, I will sleep with your older sister. I'll leave the number right, let's watch TV.

  Ibru Sakkat laughed and laughed at the comedy. When the comedy came out like that, I laughed at the feeling leg. Then I looked at myself. I already know that I have been touched. I'm embarrassed. Times number It did not say anything. When the comedy scene came back I had a laugh-and-laugh cough. Then he came to me to improve my senses, shook my head, and leaned on my back. It was okay after a while. Then, the phone's slow-motion love .. Why do you laugh so much ... I remember that comedy scene again and I started laughing. Then my back to my back, let's just sit there .. Enough ... Cough again. I was shocked then. Erode's hand on my back felt embarrassed and shy. I love it.

Both of them were silent talking nothing. TV nodta for like 5 minutes, then I got up and walked out. And then, looking at me, I love the numbers, saree .. .. Appittappi tell your older sister .. Then the perception will be broken. Woe to me! I walked away without saying anything. Bhava went to his bedroom.

I lay in bed and lay down. Still not asleep. It was then. I touched the foot, the feeling of me improving myself, then I felt ashamed and remembered something. Thinking about Bhavana, kindness and love over Bhavana, overflows. I put my hand inside the nytti and rubbed my tullan, so as to remember the feeling. Something was fun. Thinking about his body, his chest, his thighs, and his luggage, I felt my finger tingling. I also leaked as a template. After the leak, thinking about the feeling, somehow made fun of him and made fun of. I fell asleep, thinking like that.

When I got up in the morning, I could not feel it. He had gone shift. Sister Ready Agta. I got up, ready. The sister is Madda. Eat snacks, and the two went to work. Tempt Agta was there all day long at work. I told him that he was working with me. She was shocked when she heard it. She told me she was getting married, her husband and Maidana. Often times, when the husband is asleep, he goes to Maidu and acts like Bartha. Hearing all this, I picked up my tulu.

When they came home in the evening, they had Khushiya. Look at me. Go next to your sister, whatever number you are today. You have to say it all.

I still have to ask, what did the phone do .. feel like .. I'm older, I'm ashamed. Then I get angry and you tell me .. My sister cried out loud. I screamed out loud.

Then he came to the kitchen. He asked, horribly, what a number. Sister, laughing at me, feeling nothing. I just don't feel like a telephone… I have a sister. Why? I said it all. Nachikolyta, what's right? The older sister was ashamed and turned to the kitchen. I just played.

After dinner, the older sister went to Malaga. When I sat down to look at the TV, I asked Bhavani, what's it like today? Look at me. I feel like tell me the number… please… hold the phone number. Hey, leave .. It's all the husband wife thing. I understand. Hhmmmmm…. What a full mood today. Bhava Nachikolyta, Number Of Yes… From Yesterday Night… Full Mood…

Look at Bhashi's face, I am happy. I want to see her. It was a tent. I loved it. Look at me, whatever the number is .. Nodda is there ... shy Agolva you ... I'm shy Just be. There is TV Nodtha. But I have a feeling. I had a tempt agta.

Then I have to do something, get my basket down, drop the TV remote, and stand up like that. Then my bum was in the face of emotion. It's like a minute. I turned back one time and saw the face of emotion. Nodtha my feelings. It was still a big tent. I have selected the template. I loved the look. The man was shy. I got up and went to my bedroom. I gave him a smile as he went.

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