My wife was punched by her grandfather

How would you feel if your wife was having sex with another man? It was truly an amazing sex experience. It is thrilling to see the wife lying around with someone else around him, experienced. It was such an experience for me. I sat on the sidelines watching my wife play Sarasa in someone else's arm. Still remembering that moment will be something Onthara Khushi. But the wife is thus prepared to make money; The same risk if money is spared from the husband.

It's an interesting story that my wife got the chance to watch sex with someone else; But it is also the beginning of a tragedy. Once accidentally became the owner's introduction. His age should be about seventy-seven. He is. So of course there was silverware. A man who always shaves and keeps his white clothes clean. His. . What got him interested in old age was when I talked to him and saw "CDs" of sex pictures he kept in his room.

 My friendship with him grew slowly. Thus after the friendship developed his family ie. Everyone in his house was called "Grandpa". And it became his name. His hotel workers would call him grandfather or grandfather.

Thus my friendship with this grandfather grew. The age gap between me and my grandfather was 42 years old, but somehow I had become a close friend of his. Sometimes he shared so many hidden things with me. As a record-keeper, the number of females he had dated to date was 132. As time went on and he was drinking, he used to gossip about the girls he had experienced while traveling abroad. What country girl How well does sex feel? How much medicine is given? He was saying all that.

This dear friend of mine, "Grandpa" had been visiting for many years but never came home. So I called him at my house for lunch once. He finally agreed, saying he would come again. I want to come tomorrow. I immediately picked up the mobile and phoned my wife, Smita, and said, "Grandpa will come to our house tomorrow." She was very happy. The rich man exclaimed that he was coming home for dinner. Come on, I'll cook better. ”

Grandpa came home that day. At age 77, he was driving a Skoda car. Horn made the car park in front of the house for exactly one hour. I ran over and removed the gate. The grandfather who did the same, got out of the car. He was dressed in a white shirt and a cotton shirt. He had a gold bracelet in his hand, a gold sash in his hand, and an old slipper on his feet. There was also a checkbook wallet on hand as usual. It was as if I had just finished taking a bath.

My wife, Smita, who was standing in the house, looked up. Since I knew him, I could see in his eyes what body part of my wife he was looking at. His eyes were hovering over my wife's blouse. Smitha was wearing a yellow sari with black saris. The blouse was also black. Smitha's chest valley was visible from within as it was a thin lightweight sari. The talisman on it was a little hidden.

Then the grandfather who came in is sitting on Diwana. As a lower middle class man, there was no chair and dining table in my house. There was only one Deewana. Sitting on it. Then my wife Smita called her "see home" and showed me the kitchen. She then showed a single bedroom. Grandpa walked behind her, gazing at my wife's hips and buttocks as she moved forward. I was behind him. One bed that sits on the floor in the bedroom and a white bed sheet and two pillows on it.

My and Smita's wedding photo album showed up after watching it. Grandpa praised my wife's beauty while watching the album. Hearing that, Smita was also excited. Speaking of this, Smita placed the leaf for dinner. As mentioned earlier, since there is no dining table in the house, she put a mat on the floor and a banana leaf in front of it. Grandpa washed and came and sat down to dinner. I was sitting next to him.

Whenever Smita bent over every dish, from salting to serving, her dark talismans weighed. Behind it the moles were shining. Smita is too silver. I can tell you Curry is white. Us at my wife's house. She's so silver. Whenever Smita bent, Grandpa's eyes were on her nipples. Once she lifted her hips, her hips slipped from her waist to her grandfather's eyes.

He said to his grandfather, "Smita your hips." This was a shocking and shocking speech for Smita. The husband was so embarrassed that the other looked at her body in front of her husband. Just laughed though. I look at her and laugh. When the meal was over, Smita gave the boy water. Grandpa washed and immediately held his hand on Smita's waist. I bought it that I am not close to. Smita was sweating. I see

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