Prepare a girl to have sex.


The reason for most of the quarrels and disagreements between boys and girls is, strangely, based on intimate relationships. And don't think this applies to anyone except yourself. You know, because the girl has never admitted that bad mood and shame are related to her dissatisfaction with sex.

And, undoubtedly, representatives of the stronger sex should take the lead in this regard. Moreover, Balzac said nothing: "He who controls the woman, also cares for the country."

First, you need to be aware of such important aspects - men and women have a complete approach to romantic relationships, romantic relationships and, consequently, intimacy. I explained "on my fingers."

The main model of concealing boys ’eyes and occupying a dominant position in their head is to physically get the girl they love. This persistent mind is in our brains whether we like it or not. The man's body works this way, he doesn't think about how to prepare a girl to have sex.

All of our romance, congratulations and strategy are intended for a clear and specific goal: to organize female fertility events as soon as possible.

For girls, the situation is the opposite. Emotions as a result of past efforts, feelings of affection for partners, aesthetic considerations take precedence, and then sleep.

And don't think ancient boys and girls are perfect. Since ancient times, the main function of the male is to fertilize a large number of women, while the female chooses a partner for protection.

Fortunately, we have developed in the modern world with liberal and democratic rules. But genes, at ancestral memory level, determine our behavior with the opposite sex and give us the key to managing women's emotions - knowledge about how to build your intimate relationship and prepare a girl for sex.

A few tricks to prepare the girl properly

You can have one hundred percent Don Juan, alpha male and giant sex. You can learn a million tricks on the couch and study the darkness of romantic rules. But everything is wasted if the girl is not ready for sex.

Yes, basically, it takes longer for a woman to reach the desired passion and is ready for sexual relations than men. Additionally, as I mentioned above, this preparation takes place in a slightly different aspect. Consider some simple tips on how to prepare a girl to have sex:

Since the most important moment is women being emotional, try to create a romantic mood. Prepare breakfast with unusual design

Dream how you understand yourself, how to make vegetables or poached eggs. After breakfast, better if you go to work while he is still lying down.

Give him a spicy gift. It could be a perfume with lacy or pheromone erotic underwear. Do not give him a home, do it in a restaurant or cafe at the right time (you can pass it under the table, make sure he likes it), it will create the needed aura.

 Send a letter on a small handmade paper or postcard with spicy content. Believe me, this is more original than a bouquet of flowers owned by a courier. It may not seem important, but you will be worth it in bed at night.

According to most sex experts, public intimacy between a man and a girl is very important. You can ask them what color their underwear is at the party and if possible,

Crawl under your skirt with your hands. Naturally, you need to do this without anyone realizing it. He loved it then.

It was great for the night. In principle, the lighting of traditional candles also affects the dinner, but it is best if you use your imagination. For example, you can arrange dinner in a foam bathtub. Well, chicken is not suitable for such situations - replace chocolate, fruit and champagne.

If you want to know how to properly prepare a girl for sexual acts, try to find out if men's behavior in bed makes him feel cruel and strong. Usually girls like such things so you can hit him safely

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