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The first sexual experience can occur during the first sexual experience of different ages ... As a rule, it is acquired not only by attraction, but also by deep emotions ... sometimes psychological and social factors ... In this situation a big responsibility rests on man, which is why the rules of first sexuality are very important. If he shows himself to be rude, it can cause psychological trauma to the woman and cause problems in the future. Intimate Life ... To prevent this from happening, you must first follow some rules of sex.

The main rules of first sex are: Emotional mood and power of desire play a crucial role in what is happening. This explains the fact that in most cases the first sexual intercourse with girls is painless. If the girl feels that sexual desire is big and ready for intercourse with this particular male, she will not suffer severe pain. Fear can interfere, which can dull the attraction. As a result, the vaginal muscle is compressed and clogged to the penis. This is why the girl can feel pain during the first sexual intercourse. But one must remain calm and stop fearing, for all unpleasant sensations disappear. In some cases, the girl may experience minor short-term pain. This is because of its physical properties.

In intercourse, there is not much pain. Only a short amount of time is required between the first and the next action, which the body needs to recover. It usually takes about five days. During this period, hymen ruptures heal. In this case, the woman may already experience some pleasant sensations during intercourse. During the first sexual intercourse, as a rule, a woman is satisfied only with a man's kiss, but not by action.

The rules of first sex are that defloration does not have to happen all at once. If a woman is experiencing unbearable discomfort or pain, you may want to try to complete the task that you started. This method has several advantages. With each new attempt, the girl's fears weaken, and the opening in the nasal passage expands, thereby reducing the pain. Most often, during the first intercourse from the vagina, there is a dot, but sometimes it does not. In any case, both partners need to be aware of hygiene. However, this does not apply only to the first gender.

That is why it is advisable to use a condom. The girl gets in first sex, though sexual safety is insignificant, but injury. Protects against condom infections. By the way, if pregnancy is undesirable it is used. In fact, the chances of getting pregnant during the first sexual intercourse are no less than those of later sexual contact. The same goes for the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

It is important to look after safety. This is always important, not just for first sex. Therefore, you should choose a comfortable place for sex, have complete confidence in your partner, and remember about contraception and personal hygiene. Safety and hygiene are the basic rules of sex and not the first.

After the first sex, be sure to visit a gynecologist. This should be done after the onset of sexual activity. This is important because the body has caused a big change ... The doctor will examine you to determine if there is an infection or damage to the genitals. Additionally, only a gynecologist can help you choose the right methods of contraception. If you follow these simple rules, the first sex will leave only positive memories

Problems First Sexual Experience with Girls Reserved Complete Works, Complete Books Written. But men are somehow unfairly forgotten in this regard. But, after all, the first sexual act for them is no less exciting and scary. She needs support and understanding from her partner, her knowledge of the main dangers and difficulties that await her during her first sexual encounter. After all, only by being aware of potential dangers can you develop strategies to overcome them.

All young men are subconscious about the fact that after being undressed in front of their spouse, they will definitely be "not like everyone else". By this age, a person already had a school course in knowledge of anatomy sufficient for this event, and in his heart he had the opportunity to see his friends more than once. And, although boys often do not discuss intimate details of their body structure, there must already be a rational understanding that he is not the most common, especially important among others, in girls. And there is usually, but there is still subconscious fear.

And this can cause fear. Erectile dysfunction. There is no need to start right off the bat, there are good starting pants or several petting sessions. You need to gradually get to know each other without rushing things. The first sex

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