Facts and reasons that make it difficult for a woman to have sex


Women are very vulnerable to intercourse. Thus, even though the husband rushed in, the wife shied away. How does a woman suffer from sex? Here are some reasons.

Lack of proper preparation

When it comes to sex, the male gets dressed very quickly. But, it takes a lot of time for a woman to get up. A woman's ramisi should be arranged half an hour before intercourse. A woman's vagina is wet, meaning she is ready for intercourse. Then intercourse takes place without any pain.

The vaginal layer

Each virgin has a small lining in the entrance of her vagina. An object can only enter if it is torn. It is most commonly torn off during penetration by a strong penis. If this happens a little blood will come in, and the pain will come. Both this pain and the blood can psychologically distance the woman from her sex.

Childhood exploitation ..

Anyone who has been sexually exploited as a child can have a major upset. Sex means pet petty and covers fear. Thus, the woman is unable to engage in consensual sex.

The trouble of being a vaginasmus

If the vagina is relaxed during intercourse, the penis can easily enter. However, women who suffer from vaginismus can have a vaginal tightening during intercourse. This makes it difficult to penetrate into the penis. Pain when forced to go. The gynecologist has the right treatment.

Another important point and advice is that women who are afraid of pain during intercourse can insert their fingertips into the vagina. Finger fingertips can ensure no pain. During childbirth, when the body of the baby is coming out through the vagina, is it difficult for a man's penis to go in? If women understand this, they can avoid the fear of intercourse.

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