Women don't like these things when it comes to sex

The elders said that it is very difficult to understand the woman completely and what she wants and does not want. Men are still confused about what a woman really wants. Some women like gold and luxury. Some women have the feeling that a simple life is better than a luxury. If women want to know what they want and don't want in sex, then he should definitely do penance. If you understand what a woman needs in bed, then you can say that you can win the world. Numerous studies have also found that a woman's interest in sex is different from what a man thinks. Through this article we will know what it is ...

What men should not do if sexual activity

Whether men or women, they have some liking for sexual activity. There are some who prefer pre-sexual activity, while others prefer to have sex sooner or later. According to a study by a sex toy company in England, sexual pleasure is often linked to gender, age and sex. This study found some more.

What do women not like?

About 30% of women said that they do not like the feeling of self-consciousness during sex. After this, men start to fall asleep immediately after sex. Most women have said that they do not like having sex before, not reaching orgasm and being interrupted. All these issues make sex worse for women.

Not playing

Sex is the union of two lives. This is mainly about playing with each other's organs, playing pseudonyms. But if all this is not done then women will be disappointed. Sex is a snack that is served before a full meal. If you spend some time playing sex, this will help you to have more sex.

For some reason women feel self-conscious about their body. After giving birth, a woman may not feel confident about her body or worry that her menstrual cycle is coming back, or she may not be overly confident about the beauty of the body. If all this was said by men, then no woman would want to have sex with him. This is not to say that she praises her body for sex. Because they will soon discover your lies. But you just have to make her feel comfortable and absolutely love her body.

 No record required

If you are going to adopt any method to augment sexual energy, you should quit it now. Because women don't want to know how good you are in bed. Women do not like you having sex.

 Frequently asked about her orgasm

This is the biggest frustration with sex. Because there are so many movie stories about women's orgasm and if you go searching, you will find thousands of stories. Men wonder whether or not their spouse has reached orgasm. But men should stop asking if they have reached orgasm repeatedly. It's not like a woman.

Seek the G-spot

When it comes to sex, men are looking for something to hold on to. But some people look for a zispot if it is a sexual act. This is very bad practice. It is a personal matter for a woman to give up the man within her. But don't look for something you see on the Internet. This will make her feel uncomfortable.

Land that has not been explored

Every woman wants her partner to look after her body like an undiscovered earth during sexual activity. You don't go exploring in a woman's body.

Mostly men get information about sex through blueprints. But it must be understood that this is not real life. If you are going to be the hero of the blue film then you will definitely not only be disappointed, but your partner too.

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