Sex positions that give pleasure to women are…


Do you know which sex positions please your partner? If you know it is good, but if you don't know about this then know that this sex position is like. According to kamashastra both women and men enjoy sex life. Find out how women want to have sex.

Men on top of women: Men are on top of women in almost all sexual acts. Although this is an old method, this method is preferred by women. In this position women also experience both sex and love more often.

Women on men's laps: Women sit on men's laps in this act of sex. In this act intercourse is done while sitting. This creates a direct heart-to-heart connection. Kissing with this action will further enhance the feeling of love.

Women on top of men : Women are on top of men in this position. In other words, women like to dominate. Women in this position are successful in enjoying sex quickly. For this reason, men should give proper saath to women.

Position : This position is said to be a very romantic position. As we have already mentioned, women love different types of sex. The position gives pleasure in a different experience of love and sex.

Spoon feeding position: Women also like spoon feeding position very much. Just as two spoons fit on top of each other, women and men enjoy each other's tight embrace.

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